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In 1999, the insulation industry, all kinds of heat, water, noise, roofing and cladding on the application and start selling on the journey with İzonur Insulation Industry and Trade Limited Company, By 2007, ensure the growth of production in a decision making has been moved to a completely different dimension.

EPS insulation and packaging issues in 2007 and started production in Bursa to make

production in Sirte Basin, today reached a production area of ​​14.000 sqm with 2 plants.

Young, dynamic structure, a wide range of products to meet customer needs and meet the demands of its customers with flexible production facilities Sirte Basin in 2007 with an area of ​​five thousand square off Sirte Basin Insulation and Packaging Products Industry. and Tic. Ltd. As the company started production. Sirte Basin, insulation and packaging, then, three thousand square off, the isolation area of ​​4 thousand square meters has made its second investment in the open. By the end of 2011, Sirte Basin in conjunction with a new investment of a total of 8 thousand square meters of covered area of ​​6 thousand square meters, attaining an open, industry was the fastest growing firm.

Its early years mainly for the construction industry engaged in production of insulating material made of EPS for the Sirte Basin, and the automotive industry, packaging industry, starting to produce for the EPS packaging products companies in the sector took its place among the leading producers. Sirte Basin, insulation and packaging sector, construction chemicals, then turned to making investment in the field again insulation. For the right insulation, "Mantoyap" under the jacketing package offering brand Sirte Basin, which is complementary to the thermal insulation sector investment in construction chemicals are aiming to build an annual production of 120,000 tons.

Growing and constantly improving the product range for different sectors Sirte Basin structure; Burpor, Ecepack, Ataboard Mantoyap brands and products to its customers and offers Nurpor.

Managed to be accessible in every corner of the country's Sirte Basin dealership chain, particularly TOKI, including construction, automotive, white goods, furniture companies performing product sales through dealers.

Sirte Basin, sensitive to the needs and expectations of our clients, which followed closely on the project by providing support to use EPS products, especially EPS packaging product design, cost analysis, allows the selection of R & D support issues.

EPS production of the product performs, not just a job for Sirte Basin firms a valuable part of life ...

This is due to understanding the concept of quality production, as well as impeccable service distinguishes itself from its competitors is always a step ahead of the Sirte Basin ...

Sirte Basin, insulation, packaging, construction chemicals and other sectors continued R & D activities in the production of EPS, continuously improving the infrastructure and support systems, will continue to produce new products according to market needs.High quality production, quality team, customer satisfaction and manufacturing facilities in environmentally sensitive waste and hazardous waste output by non-employees to take more great achievements in Sirte Basin sector in an effort to remove the bar ever higher

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1999 / 1-5

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Gökdere / 3340500607

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