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Founded in 1972 by İbrahim Polat in İzmir, Ege Seramik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. It is one of the most important companies that dominate the sector today with its stable investment and growth perseverance and innovations which have given sector, especially after 90 years of production in 1975, especially with emphasis on infrastructure, technology, design and quality standards. Ege Seramik has an

annual production capacity of 24 million 300 m² / year in production facilities located in İzmir Kemalpaşa on an area of ​​416.752 m2 and 26 km distance to İzmir port. The shares of the company, which has been open to the public since 1992, are traded on the Stock Exchange Istanbul. Company shares were traded in Star Market in 2016. Ege Seramik, which carries many provinces in the sector, contributed to the development of the sector by introducing digital printing technology to the Turkish Ceramic Sector with "Digital Tile by Ege Seramik" brand in 2009. Today, the goal of creating real products as natural as it combines with this important technology continues with the slogan of "Perfect Nature, Perfect Beauty". Institutional Introduction Videos Ege Seramik is the first company to get ISO 9001 certificate in its sector. ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certificate, which enables the production to be carried out taking into consideration the environmental effects at every step from the first stage to the presentation of the product to the consumer, is another document that the company has. Documentation of the security required for processes such as employee safety, management of warehouse shipment areas, provision of factory physical security, loading operations, electronic data circulation and logistics is provided by Global Security Verification (GSV). Ege Seramik has the French Standard NF UPEC certificate. The necessary audit steps for all exported countries have been concluded positively. Turkish Standards Institute (TSE) by the 'TSE Double Star' 'with the document, including but not limited to the minimum requirement of the Aegean Ceramic products in Turkey, was confirmed to have the properties on the specifications of the standard in Europe and America. TSE has established an Information Security Management System by adopting policies and procedures included in the ISO IEC 27001 standard. Through this system, the awareness of all employees and stakeholders has been further enhanced and the protection shield on information resources has been strengthened. In 2015, the opening ceremony of Turkey's first environmentally-friendly and reduce consumption of natural gas production facilities was carried out. Emerging market expectations and requirements according to which detects the product groups to invest in this area an ongoing Ege Ceramics, renovated facility in Turkey's first eco ceramic baking oven, the unmanned truck robots, automatic packaging machines, pallet stacking robots, shaping after pallet of granular dyeing plant covering and strapping lines. Ege Ceramics, more than 150 authorized dealers and secondary markets over 2 thousand in Turkey has a strong distribution channel with the dealer. At the same time, it continues to increase its external market power every day by exports to more than 50 countries. The needs of all markets are met with a product portfolio that follows the trends closely and follows the trends closely. Ege Seramik is proud of continuing to go forward with its efforts in line with its mission and vision.

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1972 / 11-25

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Kemalpaşa / 3250055424

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ISO 9001:2008,TSE ISO IEC 27001,ISO 14001, TSE


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