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ECE Galvanized Iron and Steel Corp. Was established on 9 September 2003 and it went into production in October 2004. It manifests activity in the fields of hot-dip galvanization and steel construction manufacturing. The establishment consists of open and closed area of 35.000 m2. It has three closed manufacturing parts which cover 5,042 m2. Apart from the manufacturing parts, it has business

premises and open stockyard. Our partners who have been occupied with iron and steel trade for long years, established ECE Galvanized Iron and Steel factory by deeply analyzing not only the prospect improvements that is likely to happen in the domestic investments and industries in this process but also the European Union integration terms. By taking into account the low level of the use of galvanized products in the still rate of iron and steel usage in our country in correspondence to the EU mean averages, and the rapid increase both in the use of galvanized method rather than paint and in the use of steel, it can be clearly understood that ECE Galvanized Iron and Steel Factory is a crucial and appropriate investment for our country from the perspectives of meeting the needs and protecting the resources.

Circuit Breakers, MCB’s, MCCB’s, Connection Terminals, Contactors, Relays, Control Equipment, Measuring Equipment, Cables, Wires, Copper Rods, Switches, Socket Outlets, Distribution Boards, Panels, Home fuses, Industrial Fuses, Household Electrical Appliances, Insulators, Lightning Protection, Indoor Luminaries, Outdoor Luminaries, Medium Voltage Fuses, High Voltage Fuses, Electromechanical Meters, Remote Control Systems, Home Automation Systems, Rotary Switches, Steel Poles, Substations Lines, Overhead Lines, Transformers, Electroporcelain Products, Generating Sets,

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