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<p>Our establishment institutionalized with ARIDIL NAKLIYE TAAHHUT LTD. STI. which was founded in 30.09.1993 by Hakan ARIDIL had a corner on International and Domestic Transportation Service sector by buying GOKAY INSAAT MAD. NAK. TIC. LTD. STI. in 1997 after gaining the trust of Public and Special sectors at Transportation Sector. The company made the first contract with FRITO-LAY GIDA

A.S. in 1997 and still continues its services in its 13th year. The company did the transportation service of Bastas Cimento A.S. in those times with its advancing vehicle park. In 1998 the company took the tender of cleaning services of Nevsehir Municipality with covenant and has been doing the cleaning service of Nevsehir for 13 years with pleasure. Our company which brought help to Sakarya with Trucks and Termokin Trailers after the earthquake happened in 17 August 1999 entered to ready-mixed concrete sector by founding ARIDIL KONUT and OTOMOTIV PAZARLAMA A.S. to shape the city and give service to Public and Special Enterprises. And then the company decided to build facilities to new areas after being successful by improving its quality and service over the years.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> In 2007 the brand ARIDIL&reg; was registered and the quality of the services increased.<br /> <br /> In 24.01.2003 ARIDIL INSAAT HAZIR BETON LTD. STI. was founded and to manufacture ready-mix concrete in Central Anatolia Region investments were done. For this a Ready-Mix Concrete Facility was founded in Nevsehir and put into service. Between the years of 2005-2007 in Serik-Antalya and the years of 2005-2006 Manyas-Balıkesir Mobile Facilities were put into service.<br /> <br /> In 2006 the manufacturing was done in Turgutlu-Manisa and Kaynarca Sabit &ndash; Sakarya facilities. To procure the raw material the company bought Agrega Crushing Screening Facility, which was founded in Gevye-Sakarya, in 12.03.2003 and started to manufacture its own raw materials. As the day went on the company started to sell and do the marketing by increasing capacity and had a corner on the market in Sakarya between procurement companies. To meet the transportation need the company founded ARDIL DORSE LTD. STI. in 2009 by buying the whole factory of Nevkarsan Dorse started in 1996. The company manufactures in Nevsehir on 6.000 m closed area of 12.000m area to meet the needs of itself and the market. In 21.12.2009 the company took the tender of Bus Station Management of Nevsehir for 10 year which was put out to tender in 2009 and started its activity by setting the automation systems. The company carries on its studies with sense of responsibility of being one of the Transportation and Concrete Companies.</p>

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