New Iran Sweeteners maltitol and trehalose needed in Iran

I need 20 Kg maltitol (sugar alcohol) and 10 Kg trehalose.

sweeteners , maltitol , trehalose

  • ايران
  • الشراء
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New Portugal Food and beverages to import to Portugal

I want to import products from Turkey to Portugal, related to food and beverage.

food , food products , foodstuff , canned meal , pasta , beverages , drinks

New South Africa Lentils beans import prices request from South Africa

Red speckled sugar beans Popcorn mushroom or butterfly Green split peas Brown lentils small Red split lentils Sago

lentils , beans , legumes , pulses

New France Urfa pepper import inquiry from France

I am looking for producers of organic or no pesticides urfa biber for selling it on my shop in France.

urfa pepper , pepper , spices , condiments

  • فرنسا
  • الشراء
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New Canada Energy drinks import inquiry from Canada

We are currently looking for Energy drinks

energy drinks , beverages , drinks

  • كندا
  • الشراء
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New Egypt Sodium bicarbonate 40ft FCL ordering from Egypt

It would be pleased for us to work with you .

sodium bicarbonate , food ingredients , chemicals

  • مصر
  • الشراء
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New Egypt Requirement of vateria indica for pharmaceutical in Egypt

We need supplier for this material

vateria indica , herbs , herbal products , for pharmaceutical

  • مصر
  • الشراء
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New Ethiopia Ethiopian company seeking refined cooking oil

We are interested to import cooking oil from turkey

refined oil , cooking oil , vegetable oils , edible oils

New Lebanon Lebanese client inquire for candy

I am looking for candy for children with toy attached it could be a toy trick ball

candy , sweets , hard candy , soft candy

  • لبنان
  • الشراء
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New Ghana Company of Ghana looking for bakery ingredients

I need Bakery ingredients manufacturers

bakery ingredients , bakery additives

  • غانا
  • الشراء
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New Ukraine corn oil

we offer corn oil , any volume


New Bahrain Banana demanding request from Bahrain

Looking to import banana to Bahrain

banana , fruits , fresh fruits , tropical fruits

  • بحرين
  • الشراء
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New Iran Requesting of beans to import to Iran

We need lentils of Canadian sascan, Australian splitpea or Ethiopia, Uzbekistan pinto beans. Can you provide us?

beans , legumes , pulses

  • ايران
  • الشراء
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New Ukraine Sweet products price quotation from Ukraine

Looking for producers - washing powder, dry feed, glue, sweets

sweet products , confectionery , candy , soft candy

New Mauritius Quotation of olive to import to Mauritius

We would like to explore business opportunities and import, distribute your range of products in Mauritius

olive , black olives , green olives , stuffed olives

New Trinidad and Tobago Sausages, pastirma meat products to import in Trinidad and Tobago

Can you provide a listing of your products such as pastrami and other processed meat products such as sausages (beef, lamb, turkey etc.) Halaal certified.

sausages , pastirma meat , meat products , pastirma , pastrami

New Iran Sesame oil edible grade to export to Iran

We are looking for bulk virgin sesame oil edible grade.

sesame oil , edible grade

  • ايران
  • الشراء
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New United Arab Emirates Large white eggs to import to United Arab Emirates

We would like to import large white eggs into Dubai

white eggs , eggs , chicken eggs , egg , table eggs

New United Kingdom Almonds to import in United Kingdom

We import carrier bags, Almonds, Rizla papers and so on.

almonds , almond , dried nuts

New Mauritius Spices demanded to import to Mauritius

We would like to explore business opportunities and import, distribute your range of products in Mauritius

spices , condiments , seasoning