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Three-Axis Table (SZD-600-2-22)

Three-Axis Table (SZD-600-2-22) China

  • 16.08.2012
  • China
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hree-axis dispenser, X-Y-X axis travel 600mm-600-80mm, 2 set of control system of glue, Servo motor/Screw transmission, Cantilevered-type motion.

Technical Parameters of Three-Axis Series:
Travel: Can choose X axis Y axis 200-600mm, or Z axis 60-80mm
Speed: X, Y, Z axis 250mm/s
Repetitive Accuracy of Position: ± 0.01mm
Dispensing accuracy: ± 0.01ml
Motion trail: Point, straight line, curve, arc and a variety of irregular track.
Weight: 40KG-80kg
Power source: AC220V 50Hz

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Three-Axis Table (SZD-600-2-22)



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